Saturday, March 23, 2013

Craic All Around

Last weekend was St. Patrick's Day and Dublin was transformed into one big party! We returned from Derry on Friday and the festivities had already begun. It was a weekend full of great craic and good friends. I'll let my pictures of the parade and other activities speak for themselves!


NYPD Bagpipers made the journey
across the Atlantic to celebrate!

St. Patrick himself!

I really have no explanation 

They told us they were spinning tops.


Toy soldiers dishing out some free high-fives

Awesome Steampunk costume

More Steampunk

It snowed in the city...for a minute at least!

Scenes from Dublin: Day and Night

The girls and the lights 

Katy, Elena, Tyler, Holden, Arnela (Photo cred: Arnela)

Katy and I enjoying some music at
the pub (Photo cred: Arnela)

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  1. Very colorful. The parade looked like a lot of fun! The spinning tops remind me of the Wizzzer tops I had as a kid.
    We're still getting snow here. I'm ready for spring now.