Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Writing On the Wall

Over the past week we have toured Loyalist and Nationalist areas of Belfast. Both sides have used murals to promote their ideas or messages. Some are messages of hope and peace, some commemorate those who have died throughout the course of the conflict, and some seem to incite more violence. Whether they were painted by illegal paramilitary groups years ago who still refuse to take them down, or legitimate organizations, these murals are on display for the public to see every day. They are a constant reminder of the past, good or bad.

Murals are good indicators of the Loyalist and Nationalist divisions within the city. Check out this website to see how murals mark territory: 

Click on the picture to enlarge! These murals are detailed so don't miss out!

Nationalist: Bobby Sands, IRA Member who died while
leading a hunger strike in prison, 1981

Nationalist: Marion Price, IRA Member arrested for the
Old Bailey Bombing in London. She has been arrested numerous
times since. Her current imprisonment remains controversial.

Loyalist: Mural painted by the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF)
also referred to as the Ulster Defense Association (UDA)
is a loyalist paramilitary group. 

Close up of last picture. UFF/UDA officially ended its
armed campaign in 2007. 

I think they make it quite clear...

Peace Mural near/in Loyalist area

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