Monday, March 11, 2013

Giant's Causeway

As part of our "relaxation weekend" before we start planning our big end of the year projects, we took a trip to Giant's Causeway. We were walkin' on a bunch of sixty million year old basalt columns. Legend has it, the giant Finn McCool wanted to have a rumble with another giant across the North Channel in Scotland. Finn began building the path, placing each individual stone. Scientifically speaking, the causeway was formed from an ancient volcanic reaction.

The causeway

Sean on top of the world


The whole group!

Sean and Katie on Finn McCool's shoe

Arnela navigating the rocky terrain

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  1. The rock formations are very cool. Last weekend skiing was much better, sunny skies and almost no wind! Rusty, Andy, David and your dad had a great time. I skied cross-country.